Ross and Sharon left Seattle and moved to Bountiful Farm in 1981. The only structure on the property was the main brick farmhouse. They saw the property as a place to enjoy with their four children and put in a lot of hard work. Over the years, they've built a barn, chicken coop, sheep shed, cottage, and more. Bountiful Farm is home to a herd of sheep, cows, one dog, four cats, over 80 hens, several beehives, four horses, and a flock of Canada Geese, who fly here every summer.
Now, we grow organic produce, free-range eggs, and are an event venue. Everything from weddings to bar mitzvahs to the Painted Frog Auction has taken place here. Bountiful Farm is a place buzzing with energy right in the heart of Bainbridge Island, WA. Come visit us!