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Come walk/run/ride the Bountiful Farm Heritage Trail! This is a one-mile loop with a few different route options to add on extra mileage. The trail is open Monday through Saturday from 7am until 7pm. Please be respectful of residents and animals and stay on paths marked with yellow arrows.
Please note: Trail is not recommended for beginning hikers (in wet seasons it gets muddy and there's a  steep incline at parts).
Directions: Park in the field to your right when entering the driveway. Walk back towards the road and the trail begins on the left side of the driveway, cross the footbridge and you've started! Feel free to grab a map from the first posted sign. The trail comes out of the forested area and into the paddock by the Barn and chicken coop. From there you can stop and pick up $5/dozen eggs and walk back down, passing the garden on your left and turning right onto the paved area back to where you parked.

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